The Champaign Housing Authority

Apply for Housing

The Housing Authority of Champaign County will open waiting lists for Tenant Based Vouchers at periodic intervals as determined, based on need, to assure that an adequate pool of applications is available to maintain HACC’s baseline number of families under the Moving to Work Agreement. 

Wait lists for ProjectBased Vouchers are all site based and will open on a property by property basis as needed to maintain full occupancy of all Project Based Voucher units.

When HACC determines that a waiting list should be opened, a notice will be published in a local newspaper of general circulation.  The public notice will specify the voucher type and specific property for which applications will be accepted; time period in which applications will be accepted; and the closure date for acceptance of applications. 

Applications for all housing assistance will only be accepted electronically on-line as directed in the public notice. 

Online applications for Mainstream Vouchers and Steer Place will be accepted beginning November 16, 2018. Steer Place is a one bedroom apartment to eligible households age 55 or older. Mainstream Voucher waiting list for applicants where the head of household is disabled and under the age of 62. The wait list for Steer Place and Mainstream will close at 5:00 PM on November 30, 2018.  To apply please click on this link.