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The Champaign Housing Authority

Interim Recertification

Changes in Family Composition - Program participants are required to report all changes in household composition between regular re-certification. This includes additions due to birth, adoption or court-awarded custody. The family must obtain HACC approval prior to adding a household member for any reason other than a birth.

HACC will generally approve all changes in family composition that are the result of legal action: marriage, adoption, courts awarded custody, or other formal proceedings provided any adult member added to the household meets the criminal background screening for eligibility. The family must provide HACC with the legal documentation of the action that resulted in an additional member in the household.

HACC will consider approval of other additions to the household only if:

 The family can provide justification why the individual will reside in the assisted household;

 The addition of the new household member(s) does not require an increase in the voucher size of the family;

 Any adult individual meets eligibility criteria including the criminal background screening criteria and all MTW criteria; and,

 Any adult individual was not previously a member of the assisted household that was removed by the head of household and approved by HACC.

When HACC approves the addition of a household member, HACC will conduct a re-examination to determine any new income with the additional family member, and to make appropriate adjustments in the family share of the rent and the HAP payment said changes will become effective at the next re-certification. Requests to remove a member from the assisted household will only be approved when the member meets the criteria for permanently absent (absent for more than 90 consecutive days). The effective date of a re-certification for removal of household members will be the effective date of the next re-certification after HACC’s approval.

Zero Income Households - If a family reports zero income at the time of the regular re-certification and later obtains an income, an interim certification will be conducted.
3 Section 11 Re-Certifications (January 2015).

Changes in Income – If the household has an increase in income from any source which is more than $200.00 per month, it must be reported, and an interim re-certification will be conducted. If HACC considered fluctuations of income at the time of the annual re-certification based on the 12 months prior to the annual re-certification, an interim re-certification will not be completed. Only persons with a disability are eligible for earned income disallowance (EID).

Changes in rent for interim re-certification will become effective as follows:

Decrease in participant payment will be effective the first of the month following the month in which the change was reported, for example if a change was reported during the month of October the effective date would be November 1st. Retroactive adjustments will be processed if the rent processing procedure has already occurred prior to a report of change in income.

Increase in participant payment will become effective the first of the month after a full 30 day notice, for example if a change was reported during the month of October the effective date would be December 1st.