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The Champaign Housing Authority

Local Project Based Voucher Program

- HACC developed and implemented a local Project Based Voucher (PBV) Program to ensure that a greater number of quality units are available to low-income families throughout Champaign County. The local PBV Program includes the following components:

  • Provision of Project based assistance at properties owned by HACC or an affiliate of the Authority that are not public housing.
  • Establishment of a reasonable competitive process for project basing housing assistance at units in which HACC or a related affiliate has no ownership interest that meet existing Housing Quality Standards or any standards developed by HACC pursuant to this MTW Agreement and that are owned by non-profit or for-profit entities.
  • Adoption of alternate standards for determining the location of existing, newly constructed or substantially rehabilitated housing to receive subsidy in compliance with the requirements outlined in Attachment C of the MTW Agreement.
  • Establishment of project based waiting lists and processing of all project based activities at the property by the respective property management company.
  • Elimination of the automatic conversion to tenant based assistance after one year in the project based unit. 

Update on Status of Activity - This activity is fully implemented and will be ongoing with modifications described below.  

Changes or Modifications – In 2018, HACC will clarify and/or modify this activity as follows:

  1. Project Based Vouchers will be limited to new construction projects or projects that are undergoing substantial rehabilitation. No PBV’s will be awarded to existing properties.
  2. HACC will not limit the number of vouchers to be project based in totality or to any individual project. Annually, HACC will identify the PBV’s to be committed in its annual MTW Plan.
  3. HACC will commit Project Based Vouchers for units owned directly by HACC or an affiliate that is wholly controlled by HACC without the need for a competitive process if the project is included in the Annual MTW Plan as Affordable Housing Development.
  4. Competitive processes for award of PBV’s to other owners will be through a process initiated by HACC or any other entity that requires an application process to award funding for the project. HACC may provide an up-front commitment of Project Based Vouchers contingent on the award of funding. This up-front commitment will not impact the subsequent award of Project Based Vouchers to the project post-funding even if used as a scoring advantage for the project.
  5. A commitment letter provided by HACC shall serve as the Agreement to Enter into a Housing Assistance Payments Contract (AHAP); no further documentation will be utilized until completion of rehabilitation or new construction. A local HAP contract inclusive of all HACC’s MTW provisions will be executed upon acceptance of the units by HACC.
  6. Contract rents for Project Based Voucher units shall be limited to 20% of the MTW Local Payment Standard for the applicable PRESM (primary real estate submarket) in which the property is located. All rents shall be supported by an independent third-party market study whether owned directly or indirectly by HACC or another entity.