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The Champaign Housing Authority


The Payment Standard is used to calculate the housing assistance payment for a family and is based on the MTW Local Payment Standard for the Primary Real Estate Sub-Market (PRESM) in which the unit is located. The requested rent cannot exceed the applicable payment standard for the PRESM where the unit is located.  The MTW Local Payment Standards include nine PRESMs, identified as follows:

  1. Central/West
  2. Southwest
  3. East;
  4. North/Northwest
  5. Far North
  6. University Campus
  7. Mahomet and Lake of the Woods
  8. Village of Rantoul
  9.  All other geographical areas of Champaign County not included in any of the PRESMs above.


A map and a listing of the census tracts that comprise each PRESM along with the corresponding payment standard schedule are attached to the link below.  As a reasonable accommodation for a family with a member that has disabilities, HACC may grant approval of up to 120% of the applicable payment standard in an PRESM.