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The Champaign Housing Authority

Rent Reasonableness Process

A rent reasonableness test will be conducted to determine if the requested rent is reasonable in comparison to rent for other comparable unassisted units in the market. Rent reasonable tests will be conducted for the following:

  • An initial rent requested on the RFTA form;
  • Prior to any increase in the rent to owner; and
  • Based on a need identified by HACC.

At all times during the assisted tenancy, the rent to owner may not exceed the reasonable rent as most recently determined or re-determined by HACC. The owner will be advised that, by accepting each monthly housing assistance payment, he/she will be certifying that the rent to owner is not more than rent charged by the owner for comparable unassisted units in the premises. If requested, the owner must provide HACC with information on rents charged by the owner for other units in the premises or elsewhere.

HACC currently utilizes Nelrod’s EZ-Reasonable Rent Determination (EZ-RRD) for determination of rent reasonableness. EZ-RRD is a web-based application in which market rental data for unassisted units is collected and used to complete a rent comparability analysis. Data collected includes the following:

  • Location by zip code and census tract;
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Other identifiable amenities;
  • Type and age of structure; and
  • Tenant paid utilities.

EZ-RRD automatically identifies the three best comparables based on the system’s objective market analysis.