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February 24th Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Commissioners of The Minutes of The Regular Meeting of The Housing Authority of Champaign County
Thursday, February 24, 2022, 3:00 P.M.

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    Noting that a quorum of commissioners was present, Chairman Henry called the meeting to order at 3:11 P.M.

    Commissioners Present: Chairman Henry, Vice-chair Parks, Commissioner Turnbull, 11 Commissioner Obuchowski, Commissioner VanAntwerp, and Commissioner Salen.

    Commissioners Absent: Commissioner McFarland

    Staff Present: Lily L. Walton, Executive Director/Secretary-Treasurer; Temeka Couch, Deputy Director; Miguel Manero, Finance Director; Robyn Dodd, Acting Director of Housing; Stephanie Burnett, MTW & Client Outreach Manager; Treanesa Johnson, Administrative Assistant; Darryl Silver, HQS Inspector; Parisha Boatright, Interim Lead HCV Specialist.

    Others Present: Kim Knowles, Prairie River Network; Eric Gronwick, GRNE.

  2. Approval of Agenda
    Commissioner Obuchowski made a motion to approve Board of Commissioner Agenda. Commissioner Turnbull seconded. All present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  3. Public Comment on Agenda Items Only
    There were no public comments made on Agenda Items Only.
  4. Presentation by Illinois Solar for All
    Kim Knowles with Prairie Rivers Network who is an educator for IL Solar for All; and Eric Gronwick with GRNE presented on solar projects. IL Solar for All is a state program. The group provided information on what IL Solar for All is, explained who qualifies for IL Solar for All, benefits of IL Solar for All, guaranteed savings the role of the approved vendor, and went over the process for the property to qualify. Eric with GRNE presented a solar case study for Oakwood Trace Community.

  5. Approval of Minutes
    Chairman Henry announced that the Board of Commissioners would move forward with the approval of the Regular Minutes. Commissioner VanAntwerp made a motion to approve the minutes seconded by Commissioner Turnbull. Commissioner Salen abstained and remaining present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  6. CEO Report
    1. Ms. Walton recognized January's Employee of the Month, Parisha Boatright, Interim Lead HCV Specialist.
    2. Ms. Walton recognized 2021 Employee of the Year, Darryl Silver, HQS Inspector.
    3. Ms. Walton announced the YouthBuild Student of the Month, Zabrina.
    4. Ms. Walton mentioned in January 2022, the Board of Commissioners attended the PHADA Commissioners' Conference. There is a conference coming in May 2022, that the Board will have opportunity to attend for additional training opportunities.
    5. Ms. Walton provided development updates with Ladd, Newton, Dwight, and Envision Center. Ms. Walton explained Oakwood Trace and Douglas Square tax credits are up and plans to obtain ownership of both properties. Ms. Walton explained for Washington Square and Oscar Steer we are looking an empire analysis through our strategic planning process to provide future sustainability for the buildings.
    6. Ms. Walton mentioned the Board Retreat that was held January 26th and 27th with Galvan & Associates. There will be a follow-up Board Retreat on March 23rd or 69 25th. Galvan & Associates will then come back in April 2022 to present at the 70 Board of Commissioners meeting.
    7. Ms. Walton announced Spring 2022 YouthBuild Cohort started officially on February 1st. This new cohort consists of nine students. To fulfill grant requirements, sixteen students are needed for the final cohort of the grant cycle. 91% success rate.
    8. Ms. Walton announced Bristol Place update, HACC has made a decision not to commit vouchers to the Bristol Place Phase II project at this time. This decision is based on an understanding that HACC has deviated from our baseline of families served. Currently, we are 5-7% off from the families that we are expected to serve. Ms. Walton announced that the developer has been notified and stated HACC has agreed to allow another housing authority to commit the vouchers.
    9. Ms. Walton announced the HCV Waitlist will be open on March 1st for a week. This is the first time in 2.5 years that this list has been opened.
    10. Ms. Walton announced that HACC will be opening the office to the public beginning March 1st.
    11. Ms. Walton announced we have selected Securitas as our security service 86 providers for Steer Place and Washington Square. Securitas is set provide service on March 3rd. The decision was made to engage security services to keep our residents safe. We believe that changes made to policy and COVID has impacted quality of life for residents, which resulted in spike in loitering and crime in the buildings.
    12. Ms. Walton provided an article that was in the News-Gazette on February 23, 2022, regarding the YouthBuild Program and mentioned the $150,000 grant provided by the City of Champaign. Ms.Walton announced that WCIA and WAND also interviewed regarding the YouthBuild Program which will be airing on February 24th at 5 and 6 p.m.

  7. Departmental Reports
    There were no items needed to discuss on the Departmental Reports.

  8. Approval of Financial Reports
    Miguel Manero, Director of Finance:
    reviewed the Cash Disbursements & Detail Check List for January 2022, highlighting a few of the larger items.

    Vice-chair Parks moved to approve January 2022 Cash Disbursements & Detail Check List. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Obuchowski present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  9. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items:
    1. Robyn Dodd read email from Pattsi Petrie, P2 Consulting, regarding the YouthBuild Program. Ms. Petrie asked that data be added to the YouthBuild section of the website. 

  10. Closed Session
    1. Ms. Walton stated there was a need for discussion of hiring, firing, or continued employment of a specific employee. Specifically, personnel issues.

  11. New Business
    1. Approval of salary increases and bonuses for staff

      Commissioner Obuchowski made a motion to approve salary increases and bonuses for staff. Commissioner Turnbull seconded. All present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  12. Adjournment
    At 4:40 P.M., the meeting was adjourned. 

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