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Project Based Vouchers


A Project-Based voucher is a component of the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program. Vouchers are attached to a housing unit in a specific property. Project Based Vouchers may be attached to a limited number of units at a property or to all of the units at the property.

Eligible tenants only receive housing assistance if they live in a unit that has a Project-Based Voucher. There is a separate property specific waiting list for each property that has Project-Based Vouchers. Applications are accepted when a public notice is issued. You can check availability of waiting lists by clicking "Apply for Housing." HACC provides approximately 750 Project-Based Vouchers to 15 properties. These properties include two types of Project-Based Vouchers.

A photo of a furnished apartment.

MTW Project-Based Vouchers are available at properties that may be managed by HACC or may be managed by a private company. MTW Project-Based Vouchers are never portable and cannot move with the tenant. If a tenant moves from an MTW Project-Based Voucher unit, there is no longer any housing assistance available to the tenant.

RAD Project-Based Vouchers are available at properties that were converted by HACC in 2017 under the HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration Program. These properties are all managed by HACC. RAD Project-Based Vouchers have a Choice Mobility provision that allows tenants to request a Tenant-Based Voucher to move to another location of their choice. If a Tenant-Based Voucher is available, HACC must make it available. If a Tenant-Based Voucher is not available, the RAD tenant goes to the top of the waiting list for the next available Tenant-Based Voucher. All requirements of the Tenant-Based Voucher apply.


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