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Landlord Incentives

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It Pays To Be A Landlord!
Qualifying Landlords can earn incentives up to $3,000 per unit leased.

First-Time Landlord Lease-up Incentive
HACC will offer a $500 incentive to new landlords who agree to lease a unit to a voucher holder. New landlords can earn the incentive for up to five (5) units for a total of $2,500.

Previous landlords that have been inactive with HACC and the HCV program for at least 3 years are eligible for the First-Time Landlord Lease-up incentive.

Vacancy Payments
HACC will offer vacancy payments to participating landlords who agree to re-lease their units to families on the voucher program. Landlords may receive up to one month's contract rent for renting their unit to another voucher holder within 60 days of the previous voucher holder vacating the unit. Vacancy payments may be claimed one time per year per unit.

Emergency Housing Voucher Incentive
HACC will offer a one-time bonus per unit leased to any landlord who agrees to lease a unit to an EHV recipient. Landlords can receive this incentive an unlimited number of times.

High Opportunity Area Incentive Program
HACC will offer incentives to landlords who lease units in high-opportunity areas. Incentives ranging from $500 to $1,500 are based on the classification of income level in the census tract the landlord's property is located. Income levels are defined as low, moderate, middle, and upper.

  • East
    • Moderate/Middle - $1,000
      54.01, 54.02, 55, 56, 57.01, 57.02
  • Central
    • Moderate/Middle - $1,000
      5, 12.01
    • High - $1,500
  • North
    • Low - $500
      2, 53
    • Moderate/Middle - $1,000
      7, 9.01, 10, 110
  • Far North and West
    • Moderate/Middle - $1,000
      8, 9.02
    • High - $1,500
      12.05, 12.06
  • Southwest
    • High - $1,500
      12.03, 12.04, 13.01, 13.02
  • Campus
    • Low - $500
      3.01, 3.02, 4.01, 4.02, 59, 60, 111
    • Moderate/Middle - $1,000
      12, 58
  • Rantoul
    • Moderate/Middle - $1,000
      101, 102.04, 103
  • Mahomet
    • High - $1,500
      106.01, 106.02
  • Rural Area
    • High - $1,500
      104, 105, 106.04, 107, 108, 109

Policies & Procedures
In order to claim eligible incentives, landlords must complete the Landlord Incentives Request Form and return to the Housing Authority of Champaign County. Upon receipt of a signed lease and executed housing assistance payment (HAP) contract, incentive payments will be paid to the landlord within 30 days.

Please be advised that funding for the Landlord Incentive Program comes from various sources, and specific incentives are subject to availability. 

To apply for Incentive, please click here.

To view the Landlord Incentives Flyer information, please click here.

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