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January 20th Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Commissioners of The Minutes of The Regular Meeting of The Housing Authority of Champaign County
Thursday, January 20, 2022, 3:00 P.M.

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    Noting that a quorum of commissioners was present, Vice-Chair Parks called the meeting to order at 3:08 P.M.

    Commissioners Present: Vice-Chair Parks, Commissioner Turnbull, Commissioner Obuchowski, and Commissioner McFarland.

    Commissioners Absent: Commissioner VanAntwerp and Chairman Henry.

    Staff Present: Lily L. Walton, Executive Director/Secretary-Treasurer; Miguel Manero, Finance Director; Temeka Couch, Interim Deputy Director; Ashley Short, Special Projects Coordinator; Samyra Leonard, Executive Assistant; Robyn Dodd, Acting Director of Housing; Shevone Myrick, Interim Program Manager; Treanesa Johnson, Administrative Assistant; Jean Wingler, Procurement and IT Manager; Vincent Andujo, Construction Specialist; and Stephanie Burnett, MTW & Client Outreach Manager.

    Others Present: Craig Walker and Byron Clark, Clark Solutions LLC.

  2. Approval of Agenda
    Commissioner Turnbull made a motion to approve the Board of Commissioner Agenda. Commissioner Obuchowski seconded. All present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  3. Public Comment on Agenda Items Only
    1. There were no public comments made on Agenda Items Only.

  4. Approval of Minutes
    Vice-Chair Parks announced that the Board of Commissioners would move forward with the approval of the Regular Minutes. Commissioner McFarland made a motion to approve the minutes seconded by Commissioner Turnbull. All present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  5. Homes for Homeless Presentation
    The City of Champaign, Champaign County, Cunningham Township, and the City of Champaign Township have uniformity around using American Rescue Plan Act funding to acquire single-family homes in Champaign County to serve 60-100 homeless school children. Clark Solutions LLC would like to form a partnership with the Housing Authority of Champaign County to help acquire these homes.

  6. CEO Report
    1. Ms. Walton recognized January's Employee of the Month as Martina Harvey-Harris, and January's YouthBuild Student of the Month as Temo Garduno.
    2. Ms. Walton shared that Robinson is expected to be completed in May, Newton and Ladd are expected to be completed in March, Main Street Lofts should be completed in May, and we just submitted our application to the City's Zoning Board of Appeals for the 18 parking spaces.
    3. Ms. Walton shared with the Board that we have had 0 terminations in the LSS department and clients have been in compliance with their activities. 
    4. Ms. Walton announced that almost $40,000 has been expended to assist a total of 40 Emergency Housing Voucher individuals and families, 25 of which are housed. 
    5. Ms. Walton informed the Board that she provided comments to the News-Gazette during a community conversation around gun violence.
    6. Ms. Walton notified the Board that HACC is taking additional steps to protect staff and clients from COVID-19, including closing the administrative office, asking staff to keep their doors closed, and offering paid time off for those impacted by COVID. 
    7. Ms. Walton announced that we received over $2200 in donations for the Adopt-A-Family program which served 28 children and families in our emergency shelter.
    8. Ms. Walton shared that HACC was awarded $72,000 to fund the salary of our Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator position from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
    9. Ms. Walton notified the Board that HACC was awarded $150,000 from the City of Champaign through the American Rescue Plan Act to serve an additional 15 youth this summer through our YouthBuild Program.
    10. Ms. Walton shared that the Champaign Rotary Club donated $15,000 to the YouthBuild Program to be used on tools and equipment.
    11. Ms. Walton informed the Board that we partnered with Silver Hearts for the Wisdom Tree Program and were able to serve 60 seniors at Steer Place.
    12. Ms. Walton shared the numerous holiday celebrations and events in the month of December including the Adopt-A-Family Program, Nutritious & Delicious cooking classes, and Leadership Development Series.
    13. Ms. Walton congratulated the Fall 2021 YouthBuild cohort for graduating.
    14. Ms. Walton informed the Board that 17 out of 18 students graduated with their high school diplomas, 10 have gained NCCER credentials, 5 have enrolled in Penn Foster certificate programs, 1 is placed in the Bright Futures Internship, 1 is housed in the Family Support Program home, and 4 students have received MTW Vouchers. 
    15. Ms. Walton notified the Board that we received a donation of tool bags for the YouthBuild students from the Youth Eagle Scouts.
    16. Ms. Walton shared that staff received training on Communication, Expectations, and developing a Growth Mindset at the all-staff holiday training and luncheon.
    17. Ms. Walton informed the Board that Ashley Short participated in an interview on ciLiving with Silver Hearts.
    18. Ms. Walton reminded the Board that there is a Strategic Planning Board Retreat on Wednesday and Thursday, January 26th and 27th from 3-6 pm. 
  7. Departmental Reports 
    There were no items that needed to discuss for the Departmental Reports.

  8. Approval of Financial Reports
    Miguel Manero, Director of Finance,
    reviewed the Cash Disbursements & Detail 106 Checklist for December, highlighting a few of the larger items.

    Commissioner Obuchowski moved to approve the December Cash Disbursements & 109 Detail Check List. The motion was seconded by Commissioner McFarland; all present 110 voted affirmatively, and the motion passed. 

  9. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items:
    1. There were no items needed to discuss on Non-Agenda Items.

  10. Closed Session
    1. Discussion of HACC's Employee of the Year.

  11. Adjournment
    At 4:08 P.M., Commissioner McFarland made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Obuchowski. All present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.  

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