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March 24th Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Commissioners of The Minutes of The Regular Meeting of The Housing Authority of Champaign County
Thursday, March 24, 2022, 3:00 P.M.

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    Noting that a quorum of commissioners was present, Chairman Henry called the meeting to order at 3:02 P.M.

    Commissioners Present: Chairman Henry, Commissioner Turnbull, Commissioner VanAntwerp, Commissioner McFarland and Commissioner Salen.

    Commissioners Absent: Vice Chair Parks and Commissioner Obuchowski

    Staff Present: Lily L. Walton, Executive Director/Secretary-Treasurer; Temeka Couch, Deputy Director; Miguel Manero, Finance Director; Robyn Dodd, Acting Director of Housing; Shevone Myrick, YouthBuild Program Manager Treanesa Johnson, Resident Services Coordinator; James Zielinski, Local Self-Sufficiency Coordinator.

    Others Present: Anthony Miles, YouthBuild Participant 

  2. Approval of Agenda
    Commissioner Salen made a motion to approve Board of Commissioner Agenda. Commissioner VanAntwerip seconded.. All present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  3. Public Comment on Agenda Items Only
    There were no public comments made on Agenda Items Only.

  4. Approval of Minutes
    Chairman Henry announced that the Board of Commissioners would move forward with the approval of the Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting Minutes from February 24, 2022. Commissioner Salen made a motion to approve the minutes seconded by Commissioner VanAntwerp. Commissioner McFarland abstained and remaining present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  5. New Business
    Approval of Resolution 2022-01: Approval of HACC Operating Budget. Lily Walton explained the operating budget was presented during the January Board meeting. Commissioner VanAntwerp made a motion to approve Resolution 2022-01: HACC Operating Budget, seconded by Commissioner Salen. All present voted affirmatively, and resolution passed.

  6. Executive Director Report
    1. Ms. Walton thanked the Board of Commissioners and staff for assisting with Strategic Planning, wrap up should be in April/May 2022.
    2. Ms. Walton advised that we renewed Intergovernmental Agreement with Urbana Public Television so they will be coming back to regular board meetings. Purpose is for transparency, marketing and accountability.
    3. Ms. Walton recognized February's Recognition Master Award, James Zielinski, LSS Coordinator. James shared words of appreciation.
    4. Ms. Walton announced the YouthBuild Student of the Month, Anthony Miles. Shevone Myrick shared words of recognition regarding Anthony. Anthony shared words of appreciation.
    5. Ms. Walton recognized 2021 Leader of the Year, Shevone Myrick, YouthBuild Program Manager. Shevone shared words of appreciation. Chairman Henry and Commissioner Turnbull had words of recognition.
    6. Ms. Walton mentioned the PHADA's Annual Convention from May 19-22, 2022. Asking for Commissioners to RSVP by March 31, 2022 if planning to attend.
    7. Ms. Walton provided legislative updates regarding HB 2775 Expanding Housing Protections for All and SB1980 Public Housing Access Bill
    8. Ms. Walton asked Ms. Couch to provide development updates, including Sugar Creek Crossing, Ladd Senior Living, Newton Senior Living, William Street Townhomes, EnVision Center, Oakwood Trace, Douglass Square, Washington Square, and Oscar Steer.
    9. Ms. Walton announced the success of Housing Choice Voucher Program wait-list that was open for a week, March 3-8. Over 2,300 completed a pre-application; HACC accepted 1,000 pre-applications via lottery. Commissioner VanAntwerp asked if we could share how many applied that live in Champaign County and also if we would reach out to all of the 2,300. Commissioner Turnbull had questions regarding the previous waitlist that was exhausted.
    10. Ms. Walton announced a new program called Residents Rise Program Launch. She explained its purpose is to provide enrichment and supportive services to our senior residents. Treanesa Johnson is the Resident Services Coordinator. The calendar for April is included in the Board Packet, and each month, the Board should expect to see a calendar of events. Commissioner Turnbull had a few comments regarding wanting to have more information regarding wanting to be involved.
    11. Ms. Walton gave an update with Pioneer Place that was approved by the City of Champaign Zoning Board of Appeals. Since it is an major variation it has to be approved by Champaign City Council at the April meeting.
    12. Ms. Walton announced there are a few RFPs out: Website Development and 85 Software System due April 1, 2022.
    13. Ms. Walton announced we have received our 3rd and 4th developer fee for Haven at Market Place.
    14. Ms. Walton spoke on regarding the Public Comment that was mailed in regarding YouthBuild data. She is currently taking it in consideration.
    15. Ms. Walton advised on next month she will have updated Concern cards for Commissioners to give out when approached by those in the community.
    16. Ms. Walton advised YouthBuild staff attended a two-day training presented by Institute for Brain Potential: Reasoning With Unreasonable People - Focus on Disorders of Emotional Regulation.
    17. Ms. Walton announced additional training for mental wellness coming up for staff in YouthBuild, LSS, and Property Management.
    18. Ms. Walton discussed how YouthBuild students initially enter the program.
    19. Ms. Walton announced HACC is applying for Housing for Justice Involved Individuals through IHDA  in the amount of $475,000. Grant is due March 31, 2022

  7. Departmental Reports
    There were no items needed to discuss on the Departmental Reports.

  8. Approval of Financial Reports
    Miguel Manero, Director of Finance:
    reviewed the Cash Disbursements & Detail 109 Check List for February 2022, highlighting a few of the larger items. Miguel mentioned 110 that four audit reports that have been executed, and all came back clean.

    Commissioner VanAntwerp moved to approve February 2022 Cash Disbursements & Detail Check List. The motion was seconded by Commissioner McFarland present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  9. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items:
    No comments on public comment on non-agenda items.

  10. Closed Session
    1. Eric Hanson stated there was a need for discussion of hiring, firing, or continued employment of a specific employee. Specifically, personnel issues.
    2. Eric stated there was a need for discussion of probably and imminent litigation.
  11. New Business
    1. Approval of Executive Director Salary Increase and Bonus

      Commissioner Salen made a motion to approve salary increase and bonus for Executive Director; Commissioner VanAntwerp seconded. All present voted affirmatively, and the motion passed.

  12. Adjournment
    At 4:43 P.M., the meeting was adjourned.

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