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Emergency Family Shelter

The Emergency Family Shelter Program provides temporary shelter and intensive case management services for homeless families with dependent children. Families are eligible to stay in a shelter unit for a temporary period of 30 days with extensions up to 45 days. Families must agree to participate in case management services to remain in the shelter.

If you are a homeless family with dependent children, please email about temporary housing at the shelter.

The Emergency Family Shelter Program is located at Maple Grove, a 24 unit apartment community. Of the 24 units, 1 unit is the office for case management services; 8 units are temporary emergency shelters, and the remaining 15 units are Permanent Supportive Housing for homeless families.

The Emergency Family Shelter is a partnership between the Champaign County Homeless Continuum of Care, United Way of Champaign County, and Champaign County Regional Planning.

Families residing in the Shelter units may transfer to the Permanent Supportive Housing units. Families in the Permanent Supportive Housing units are eligible to receive a tenant-based voucher to locate alternate housing when determined by the Case Management Staff but may not remain in the Permanent Supportive Housing unit beyond 12 months.

Families receiving a tenant-based voucher will be exempt from the MTW Local Self-Sufficiency requirements for one year. Upon the first anniversary of the lease agreement under the tenant-based voucher, families must be compliant with MTW LSS requirements.

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